About Us


My name is Sean Riley, I’m the chief dreamer at Lucid Lines web design.

Lucid Lines is a small group of dedicated, professional web developers that have a great amount of experience designing and re-designing websites.


Lucid Lines is located in sunny Brisbane QLD and services clients all over Australia.


Combined, we’ve been involved with the internet and web design for over 15 years and counting. Lucid Lines has the style and experience to deliver you a great website at an affordable price. The benefit of Lucid Lines is that we not only create web sites that look fantastic and convert you visitors into sales, we also create them to rank in the search engines. It’s no good having the best website on the internet if nobody can find it.


For us at Lucid Lines, web design isn’t a job, its a passion. Just like some people get a buzz out of building a house, or closing a big deal, we get a buzz out of finishing a website that works for our client. There is something special about getting that first enquiry or phone call from a visitor that has just found your website.